VA Department of Health Professions
Predictive Analytics in the
Health Regulatory Arena
Communicate Complexity with Clarity
Infovideo Communicating Data-Graphics,
Kinetic Imaging, and Sound
Interactive Workload Calculator
Interactive Model to Predict Staff Need Based on Backlog & Estimated Caseload Growth
Quantitative Information Design for International Court Performance Measurement
National Court Statistics Project
Designing Statistical Graphics
to Communicate Complexity
General Dynamics & McDonnell Douglas
Litigation Exhibits for A-12 Stealth
Fighter Contract Dispute
Randolph Square IP
Infographic Capacity Sheet
Highlighting the Intellectual
Property Marketplace
Trends in State Courts 2019
Infographic Development and Communication Design for Court Trending Topics
Specialty Court KPMs
KPM's designed for growing number of
Elder Courts
Hughes Outdoor Media
Responsive Website Design
with Improved Usability
Redmond Asset Management, LLC
Fresh Website Design for
Existing Asset Management Company
World Class Courts
Fresh Website Design
Holly Springs Game Bird Farm
Brand Design for New Growth-Driven
Print & Digital Presence
Logo Design
Static and Kinetic Imaging for Brand
Identities Using Varies Mediums
Where Does America Stand?
Statistical Analysis Revealed
Through Interactive Info-Graphic
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